Welcome to your royal years.

did you know that in the taoist tradition Menopause is called second spring?

It's a time of rebirth.

It's a time to get in tune with your true essence, your wild heart, your deepest desires and to realign with the Goddess you were born to be. It's a time for clearing all that stands in the way of you unleashing your passion, your full expression and living your joy.

It's also a time of robust sexual and spiritual awakening.

Or it can be.

This is most likely the opposite of what you've been told about aging and entering midlife as a woman.

What's on the horizon for you?

New adventures?

New relationships?

An encore career? 

Whatever your core desires are I can assure you that your sexual energy is your rocket fuel to make it all happen. 


My Menopause Meltdown

How I got on the Jade Egg.