Meet Your personal Venus

Unleash Your Venus, Rebirth Your Life

Why astrology?

I use astrology in my work as a holistic sexuality coach because I consider astrology a sacred healing art; a transformational tool for self exploration, for healing what blocks our fullest expression as humans.

Astrology, has been dumbed down and dissed over the last few thousand years but there was a time in history when it was highly revered by many cultures all over the world. Each with it’s own unique take on it.

Astrology belongs to us all.

Astrology is a powerful tool for the study of self and of how we relate to each other. It’s about our personal and collective journeys; our relationship to Earth, Sky, body and spirit. It’s an exploration of what makes us unique, what makes others unique, what our true gifts are and how we express them and appreciate the gifts others bring to the world. At it’s best it’s a language of freedom, alchemy, synergy, synthesis, inclusion, beauty, passion, compassion and love. Above all it’s about essence. Of bringing sprit into matter to celebrate and create life as art on Earth.

Why Venus?

Venus in astrology represents the sacred feminine essence in every human. Venus governs love, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, magic, music, art, culture, wealth, abundance, equal partnership of all kinds, our solo and interpersonal erotic life and the erotic relationship we have with nature.

In other words, all things that allow us to flourish and create our lives as art. To claim our sovereignty. To make love, not war. The Venus in all of us says via Elvis Costello “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding.” Venus lives in every human and wants to be expressed differently in all of us.

Venus, goes way beyond the Botticelli interpretations. She has been know by many names; Isis, Astarte, Oshun, Yemaya, Xochiquetzal, Laka, Aine, Branwen, Rati, Inanna just to name a very scant few.

Venus in our astrological birth chart gives us clues as to what we’re about at the core. She speaks to what we value and how we want to be honored. She speaks to the essence of what we’re meant to cultivate in ourselves and how we can embody that and become expressions of that in our world.

Your Venus essence is as unique as your fingerprint. Custom designed, just for you. By connecting with her, you invoke her.

These are some of the questions we explore in this session:

How does Venus want to be honored and expressed in you?

What wants to be cultivated?

What does that look like in terms of elements and essence?

What other dynamic energies is She dancing with in your life?

What are the challenges?

What needs to be integrated?

What needs to be alchemized?

What healing work do you need to support you in claiming your sexual and sensual sovereignty?

What if the Venus in you was fully activated?

Shining brightly without apology?

How would you feel?

Who would you be?

What would you create?

Let’s find out!

As I said earlier I view astrology as an sacred healing art. Getting intimate with Venus asks you to get intimate with yourself. This can really customize and make any holistic sexuality practice come alive.

This 90 minute session is part astrology and part embodiment coaching, we'll take a look at the star map of your soul using a dynamic, empowering system of astrology.

You'll meet your personal Venus and other key players.

We’ll talk Yin and Yang, what’s most alive for you right now.

Your mission.

Your vision.

What you want to cultivate and strategies for thriving in your third chapter.

Your Investment: $225

What’s included:

  • A live, 90 minute coaching session via Zoom.

  • An Mp3 recording of your session.

  • An Mp3 customized audio meditation practice to connect to your inner Venus.

  • A PDF on Astro Archetypes; key words for embodiment.

  • Altar suggestions.

  • A follow up email with practices and rituals to go deeper.

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