The Jade Egg Initiation Ritual


Welcome to the Temple

1:1 support to start your Jade Egg journey


The Jade Egg practice is best taught as a sacred initiation. Ritual is one of the most powerful transformational tools we humans have. It penetrates our nervous system; It goes beyond the conditioning of the thinking mind and speaks directly to our deepest selves where all lasting healing happens. In this session we step out of the mundane concerns of everyday and into the temple.

Starting something new takes courage, especially when it involves our most intimate selves. We can all use a little support along the way. When connecting to the deepest, most sacred part of you; your sexuality, it can be really helpful to have an initiated woman hold sacred space for you. That’s what this session is all about.

This 90 minute session is part holistic sexuality coaching and part ritual. We’ll explore how the jade practice can best work for you. We’ll dive into your healing goals, your desires around your sexuality and then I’ll lead you through a guided initiatory Jade Egg Ritual. All of this takes place in a super safe container.

Your Investment: $295

What’s included:

  • A 100% Nephrite Jade Egg (Already have an egg? We can adjust the price of your session.)

  • A 90 minute live session via Zoom or phone

  • A custom Mp3 recordings for your home practice

  • A follow up email with custom resources for you

I love offering these sessions. The inspiration and form come from my training and experience as a priestess in Tao Tantric Arts. Just fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours with all the details to set up your session.



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