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The Inner Smile Meditation

The Inner Smile is a classic Taoist practice meant for beginners and advanced students alike. Don't let its simplicity fool you. This is powerful alchemy. It’s one of the best methods I know of to infuse your body with the self-love and approval necessary for robust orgasmic activation.


Wild Orchid Meditation

Some Jade Egg teachers skip over the clitoris or give a brief honorable mention. Your clitoris deserves better. Without her approval, you won't get very far with vaginal orgasmic practices. When she's not happy, nobody's happy, at least not to the extent that's possible.

Penetration of any kind, including with a Jade Egg, should require an enthusiastic yes from your clitoris, anything less is a no. She speaks to you in the felt sense. Getting fluent in her language takes time and patience. But, it's worth it. This practice will help.


Activating the Heart; Taoist Breast Massage

Your breasts and your heart-center are essential for cultivating female orgasm, hormonal harmony and joy. As a woman, your breasts are your positive pole. It’s how you penetrate the world.

When you open your heart through breast massage, you clear pathways for more love, authentic expression, power and multi-orgasmic states.

What’s not to love?!


The Gateway Practice

The Gateway Practice encourages us to slow way-down; to feel what's going on. Overtime this practice will help you release any negative experiences you’ve had with penetration and replace them with pleasure.

I encourage you to do this each time you practice with your Jade Egg, especially as a beginner. This will really help connect your Yoni and your brain, sending messages of safety and pleasure. It will set a strong foundation for deeper orgasm.

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The Goddess Zone Practice

Finding your Goddess Zone can take some time and patience. Before exploring it with your Jade Egg, it might be a good idea to locate it first with your own hand.

Simply insert a finger or two and massage the upper walls of your vagina. You're looking for a bumpy ridge-like area similar to the ridged area on the roof of your mouth.

You may not feel much at first, it might even be a bit tender, but with loving attention, this pleasure zone will start to come alive. Breathe deeply and smile into your Goddess Zone. She will smile back when she's ready.


Activating Your Cervical Superpowers

Some things are hard to put into words. The experience of cervical orgasm is definitely one of them. And yet there's so much practical empowerment here.

Your cervix connects with your heart and when you awaken the orgasmic capacity of your cervix, you super-charge your love. No more giving from an empty cup!

This is the mother of sovereignty practices. If you want to rock your life like the Queen you are, activate your cervical superpowers.


Rest, Digest and Crystalize; The Goddess Nidra

Every time you practice, it's a good idea to take at least five minutes to let your body absorb the energy. You can take a classic shivasana or curl up on your favorite daybed. But do take a little time for integration.

If you’re craving a deep, relaxing guided experience, I’ve got you covered. With the Goddess Nidra we take shivasana to the next level with a Taoist practice called Bone Breathing. It’s all right here.


Describing the Felt Sense

I created a list of felt sense vocabulary words for you.