Meet the Jade Egg


Meet the Jade Egg:

What is it?

The Jade Egg practice is a tried and true Taoist practice that women have been using for thousands of years to maximize their health and sexual vitality well into advanced age.

It is a system of holistic exercises that involve using a piece of jade (Yes, the gemstone!), carved in the shape of an egg, internally in the vagina to achieve vaginal tone, suppleness, and dexterity. It's an incredibly effective way to get precision toning in your vagina and pelvic floor, leading to the awakening of your sexual energy or chi.

What's the Origin?

According to legend, the Jade Egg practice originated in China during the reign of the Yellow Emperor (2698-2598 BC). It was created by female shamans who introduced it and other methods to the Yellow Emperor's court. Until recently, the Jade Egg and other Taoist sexual cultivation practices were relatively unknown to most of the world.

Back in the day, the Jade Egg practices were considered so powerful that they were kept a secret; reserved for the wives and courtesans of the emperor's court. Thanks to the works of Taoist master Mantak Chia and his students, this and other practices are gradually making their way into the modern world and are now available to us.

There is no historical record of this, but it's the story passed down from teacher to student, and it's the story my teachers told me.

What's in it for the seasoned woman?

“When shall we live, if not now?”

MFK Fisher

While the Jade Egg practice is terrific for women at all stages of life, I feel that it is most effective and carries the most potency at midlife. Why? Well, when a woman enters menopause, some huge shifts occur; physical, psychological, and spiritual shifts that set the tone for the rest of her life.

It's a time for tremendous personal growth. It’s a rebirth; a time for letting go of everything that doesn't serve and embracing what does. It's a time for realignment with our deepest desires. It can be a time of profound sexual awakening. It was for me.

In Taoism, menopause is called Second Spring. What a beautiful reframe from the narrative most of us have been handed about midlife! What if you could feel turned on, creative and inspired and have full access to all of that sage wisdom you’ve accumulated? All at the same time. Who would you be? What would you create? Watch out world!8 Legit Reasons to start a Jade Egg practice.

1. Authentic Sexuality

The Jade Egg practice is for women who are serious about empowerment. Most seasoned women I know, are. They're hungry for self-knowledge and are not afraid to do the work.

The Jade Egg practice is transformational because it connects you to the core of your unique sexual essence. Regular practice can help you get clarity in all areas of your life. All empowerment flows from there.

2. Urinary Incontinence

A regular Jade Egg practice may help reverse any issues you have with incontinence. If you're tired of peeing when you work out, jump, laugh, or sneeze, this practice can help. Random squeezing does nothing. Precision toning is what you need.

3. Pelvic Organ Prolapse

The Jade Egg practice is also fabulous in helping to prevent Pelvic Organ Prolapse or to help you manage an existing condition. Pelvic Organ Prolapse is a common condition where the pelvic organs begin to shift out of place and in extreme cases, descend out of the body. Vaginal and pelvic floor atrophy is often the culprit here.

After menopause, things can take a turn for the worse. They did for me! As a result of 3 vaginal births, I had a low level of pelvic organ prolapse that definitely became more acute after I went through menopause.

The Jade Egg practice saved me. It was the perfect solution to get the support I needed. A regular Jade Egg practice keeps your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles in top shape and that's an excellent thing. Over 50% of women will navigate Pelvic Organ Prolapse in their lifetime. The Jade Egg practice can help change that.

4. Succulence

Vaginal dryness is no fun. It’s damn uncomfortable, it can have a significant impact on your sex life, and make you more vulnerable to infections. I was so happy to find a natural solution to this vexing problem. The effect this practice has had on my life concerning this issue is mind-blowing. And one of the main reasons I’m so passionate about sharing it with any woman who will listen!

A regular Jade Egg practice helped me cultivate density and richness in my vaginal tissue and restore my original succulence. (Actually better than ever!) And it can do the same for you. It’s all about blood flow. Over time you can completely change the texture of your vagina. Succulence rocks! And it can be yours.

5. Orgasm

IIf you feel disconnected to your orgasm, you’re not alone. Many women are frustrated with their experience of orgasm. Every woman, regardless of age, is powerfully orgasmic. But, there can often be blocks to accessing it. The Jade Egg is a powerful tool to help remove those blocks and reclaim your orgasmic birthright.

The first thing I want to say about orgasm is that it’s in you. It’s not just a climatic event, it’s your true essence that is always in you. It’s been with you from day one, and it’s as unique as your fingerprint. Orgasm is who you are. No one can give it to you or take it away.

In Taoism, there’s a term for awakening this core essence and putting it into motion. It’s called being Multi-Orgasmic. You’re probably familiar with the concept of Yin/Yang. There is a Yin and Yan energy for everything, including orgasm. Many of us have been taught the Yang version (climax) but not the Yin version (blissful states of orgasmic waves of energy flowing through us that connect us to the life-force energy of the universe).

At midlife women (and men!) often start to feel drained and depleted after climax. With too much focus on Yang orgasm (climax) and not enough cultivation of Yin orgasm (essence), our tank runs dry. Lucky for us, we can turn things around. And the Jade Egg is great for this.

A steady Jade Egg practice can bring you home to your essence and open your innate multiorgasmic channels. It’s all in how you work with it. I offer one simple, broad stroke tip: let go of the goal. When you practice with your Jade Egg, don’t worry about climax (the Yang), focus on feeling the pleasure in the moment (the Yin). This way you will build your Yin reserves, and your climax will be so much more fun and replenishing. By letting go of the goal of climax, overtime your climax gets stronger and will actually give you energy instead of wiping you out. You will dial up your vitality and your radiance.

6. Core Strength

Another perk of getting regular with your Jade Egg practice is a stronger core. We're talking functional strength here. As a former Pilates teacher, this benefit is near and dear to my heart.

Thanks to my Jade Egg practice, I cured my sciatica, and at 56, my core is stronger than ever. It isn’t out of place to say that the vagina is the deeper powerhouse. Trust me on this one.

7. Dexterity

Did you know that your vagina could be as articulate and dexterous as your hand? Most women have no idea! Indeed, it may sound strange, but it's true. Once you reconnect the pathways between your brain and your vagina with your Jade Egg practice, you will be amazed at the results.

Why should you care? To sum it up in one word: Pleasure. When you master this, you'll be able to activate your orgasmic pleasure anytime, anywhere. You'll never be bored again!

8. Levity

There are a lot of people focusing these days on gravity and grounding, which is wonderful and important. But just as important to your health and happiness is levity. A regular Jade Egg practice lifts your pelvic floor, vagina, and related organs. It’s all about the chi.

When you practice regularly, an energetic lift occurs in your pelvic floor, and pelvic organs that lift goes all the way up to your breasts and your face. You'll look and feel more vibrant and alive, with no nasty side effects. The ultimate beauty secret! Ready to start? I’ve got a great free resource for you. Check it out below.


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