Meet dianne


Hey there! I’m Dianne Shepherd. Certified holistic sexuality coach, astrologer and wing woman for your inner Venus.

To know ourselves at the core.

To embody the truth of who we are.

To shine from that place.

To love authentically from the core.

That to me is what life is all about.

I believe that that you and I are here for a reason.

That we have specific gifts to bring to this world.

And that the keys to unlocking our purpose and highest potential reside in our deepest core; our sexual essence.

Our orgasmic nature.

I call this essence your Inner Venus.

Your Venus essence is as unique as your fingerprint; and its activation is essential for you live the life you deserve.








These are all things Venus.

When you unleash your Venus, you awaken to your true potential.

And claim your crown as queen of your life.

A senseless world starts to make a lot more sense.

What if your Inner Venus was unleashed?

Who would you be?

What would you create?

These are the questions that light me up and give me hope.

how did I go from being a Pilates and Yoga teacher to being a holistic sexuality coach and astrologer?

It started with menopause at age 40.

Read all about it here: