Welcome to Module one: foundations; Activating your Yin superpowers


Here you’ll find your guided audio practices for Module One: Foundations and some helpful images for your practice.

In this first module you’ll explore the nuances of your unique sexual essence and start to build your Yin reserves. You’ll learn simple tools to help you shift out of the stresses of daily life (sympathetic nervous system/SNS) and into a more relaxed Yin mode ( parasympathetic nervous system/PNS). You’ll master tools to connect to and embody your erotic anatomy with an emphasis on self-love and pleasure which are essential for your jade egg success.

The Inner Smile Practice


The Wild Orchid Meditation


Pearl Wisdom aka The Microcosmic Orbit Practice

Mexico_Vacation-502 (1).jpg

Daily Breast Massage Practice; De-armoring the Heart


Yin Power


Sensual Breathwork


The Goddess Nidra aka Bone Breathing


Some Useful Images for Your Foundation Practices

radiant bulbs (1).jpg
Chi portals for your feet

Chi portals for your feet

Chi portals for your hands

Chi portals for your hands