Module One: Foundations/Sacred Pleasure




Here you’ll find the audio guides for your Foundations Module, including your Sacred Pleasure Jade Egg practice where we weave it all together.

These two tools are great if you’re not in the mood to practice.


Primal Breathing

Simple, quick and so powerful.

These foundational practices are woven into your Jade Egg practice and great to master and take off the mat!

They help you shift out of the stress zone into the pleasure zone and support orgasmic cultivation.


Daily Breast Massage


Venusian Inner Smile

Take your inner alchemy to the next level.


Yin Power


Wild Orchid Meditation

Mexico_Vacation-502 (1).jpg

Pearl Wisdom


Sensual Breathwork

Your SAcred Pleasure Jade Egg Practice!


Sacred Pleasure Jade Egg Practice

Restorative Bliss


The Goddess Nidra aka Bone Breathing

A practice to connect with nourishing Earth energy. Great for when you want to deeply relax.


bubbling spring.jpg

Your Kidney One or Bubbling Spring points.


Your Laogong Points/Chi Portals for your hands


Yoni Reflexology

Using the Taoist Healing Sounds can be a powerful way to de armor your Yoni, and cultivate more orgasmic energy. Click below for a simple PDF on the subject.

infused water (1).jpg

Hydrate Beautifully

Infused water is a wonderful way to keep your juices flowing and rejuvenate your Yin reserves. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Yoni Wands I love


Yoni wands are a beautiful addition to your practice.

I consider the jade egg and yoni wands the dream team for orgasmic cultivation.

Wands are wonderful for deeper release of tension and to gently open pathways to G spot and Cervical orgasm.

They range in price and style but here are a few that I love:

A stylish very affordable G spot wand

A beautiful Rose Quartz G spot wand

The Black Obsidian Version

Another Rose Quartz Beauty

Top of the line, expensive but exquisite

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.