My Menopause Meltdown:

How I got on the Jade egg


My Red (maroon actually) Tent

I hit menopause at 40.

Or it hit me.

Like a freight train.

It felt like all the missing parts of me were suddenly front and center.

And screaming for attention.

My feelings were so perfectly described by Elizabeth Gilbert in her break down scene in her book Eat. Pray. Love.

I too wandered the halls at night and ended up on the bathroom floor in tears, realizing that I didn't want to be married anymore. My husband and I had grown apart, and I was confused and full of resentment. Somewhere along the way, I had lost the plot.

I felt trapped, confused, and full of shame and guilt.

A key difference between Elizabeth and me was that I was a stay at home mom with three young boys, two dogs and two cats. I wasn't going to Italy, India or Bali any time soon.

Instead of reaching for my passport, which was my favorite exit strategy before having kids, I built a yurt in my backyard and moved in.

My friends dubbed it the Red Tent.

It seemed like the perfect solution to get a little space while staying engaged with my sons.

I was needing so many things.

Especially space to sort things out.

On the surface menopause felt like the beginning of the end.

During the worst pelvic exam I ever experienced, a doctor actually used those words.

That was hard to hear.

And yet I didn’t really believe her.

Some part of me knew it was just the beginning.

Deep down inside I knew that I was just getting started. I knew that I had a lot of passion for life, and there was so much more I wanted to do and experience, but I was missing something. Something essential.

Physically, I was struggling too. I had three big babies in 5 years. My pelvic floor was a mess. I had urinary incontinence, a low level of Pelvic Organ Prolapse, vaginal pain and dryness and sciatica.

Around this time I began training to be a Pilates instructor. I was doing a lot of core work and worked with some of the best teachers in the business, and yet my pelvic floor issues persisted.

I was also practicing a lot of yoga and doing a bunch of yoga teacher trainings. I was practicing diligently and still, my pelvic floor issues continued.

I tried the Kegel thing just got annoyed, no results.

Luckily I was following Dr. Christiane Northrup at the time. This was back in the newsletter in the mailbox days. I always loved Dr. Northrup's casual, conversational style and her think outside the box approach to health and healing.

It was right about the time I was going through all of the above that she starting talking about pleasure and how vital it is for women to thrive. She started talking about this woman in NYC named Mama Gena and this school that she ran where she taught women a system of pleasure arts. I signed up. I'm forever grateful for Dr. Northrup for pointing me in that direction. I hopped a ride on the pleasure train. I never looked back.

Enrolling in Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts was the first step in my healing journey. The school opened many doors to sensual empowerment that I never even knew existed. One of those doors led me to the Jade Egg practice.

The Jade Egg practice helped me find my core again on every level. All of my physical ails slowly dropped away, and the missing parts of myself started to fall into place. With the Jade Egg and other holistic sexuality practices, I began to feel like me again.

At about the same time I discovered the power of astrology as a tool for personal and spiritual growth. I found a  system I resonate deeply with that's empowering and soulful. I became somewhat of a double major geek; orgasm and astrology and began to study both  side by side.

Since 2009 I've traveled far and wide and worked with many great teachers in the areas of sexuality, sensuality and astrology. I learned so many amazing tools and had a passion for sharing what I've learned with other women but was I struggling with how to do that in a professional way.

And then came Layla Martin.

I enrolled in Layla's 2018 Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching Certification Program; a year-long comprehensive 800 hour plus professional certification program devoted to holistic sexuality. The program is cutting edge and was exactly what I was looking for. Not only did I take a deeper dive into my own healing journey, I learned the craft of transformational coaching and how to specifically apply those skills to holistic sexuality. YES!

So, here I am. Ready and eager to be a guide at your side; your personal wing woman devoted to helping you unleash your inner Venus and become the Goddess you were born to be.

To help you create the life of your dreams.

To rock your third chapter like a queen.

The best is yet to come.

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