welcome to Module three: Sexual Healing/ Purification


Here you’ll find your guided audio practices for Module Three: Sexual Healing/Purification and some helpful images for your practice

If you’ve made it this far in life as a woman, you’ve been through a lot. I’ve got you.

We’ve all experienced some level of trauma and we hold that trauma in our bodies. If left unaddressed it blocks our vitality, creativity, our orgasmic bliss and authentic expression.

I’ve yet to meet a woman or man who would not benefit from some simple DIY body-based healing practices to release the accumulated tension and trauma that we’ve all accumulated.

Trauma is a big word and of course there are many levels of it. From the very high grade trauma of a sexual assault, childhood abuse or being a war veteran to the lower grade chronic tension of the trauma of not feeling relaxed and safe in your body.

Download your PDF of the Vaginal Reflexology Zones and the 6 Healing Sounds Here

Even an off-handed comment about you, or a judgement about your body can code in your system as trauma. And it gets stuck there until you release it.

The degree of trauma we carry may differ but the release mechanisms I teach are universal.

In the Purification module you’ll learn tools to gently integrate and release blocks you may have to experiencing and receiving sensual pleasure, feeling at ease in your body and to fulling expressing in your sexuality and in your life.

Women tend to store a lot of tension and trauma in their sexual organs; their Yoni. In this module you’ll explore Yoni de-armoring practices, TRE (trauma release exercise), healing self- massage practices, Tantric breath work and Taoist jade egg and energy and healing sound practices to gently release the old and embody the new.

Primal Breathing Practice

primal breathing.jpg

Shaking Medicine Practice


The Jade Egg Sexual Healing Practice


The Goddess Nidra


Some Useful Resources

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Download your PDF for Vaginal Reflexology and the Taoist Six Healing Sounds HERE


Download your copy of the Polyvagal Chart HERE.

This chart is shared with permission from its creator; Ruby Jo Walker, LCSW You can view her work and offerings HERE