Second Spring queen mastery master page

Hey there! Here’s were you can access all of the program details in one place.


Module One: Foundations

This is where you set the stage for Jade Egg success!

These simple practices are essential for reaping the full benefits of a Jade Egg practice. Click below to access your Foundations materials.


Module Two: Sacred Pleasure

Here’s where we explore your sensuality as a superpower.

We dive into the concepts of pleasure being a holistic tonic and sacred practice.

Click below to access your Sacred Pleasure materials.


Module Three: Sexual Healing/Purification

We all need sexual healing. And we need it on a regular basis.

Here we explore simple but highly effective DIY somatic tools to gently release trauma and stress from your body.

Click below to access your materials for Sexual Healing/Purification.


Module Four: Power Pussy Part One

This is where things get really fun. And a little sassy.

In Power Pussy Part One we explore the 5 key moves of vaginal mastery.

Your skills are about to go to an whole new dimension.