Sensual Breath Work Practice

Hey there!

Welcome to Sensual Breath Work.

Just a note on breath work in general. As simple as it seems, this is deep work. You are accessing the deeper parts of your nervous system, where subconscious memories can be stored.

You may find yourself needing to move your body, punch, kick, shake or tense up etc. Please follow that urge. That’s your body’s natural healing mechanism kicking in.

You may also feel the need to cough, or you may feel a little nausea. Again that’s good news. As long as you can stay present, it means you are releasing.

Of course stop if it gets to be too uncomfortable or if you feel like you are getting too anxious or overwhelmed.

Just trust your body and listen to what comes up. There’s so much wisdom there.

It’s also a great idea to journal after this practice. Journaling can be really a great way to process and tract what’s going on for you on the deeper levels.